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Cécile Larue


The founders

Who are we?Cecile and Laurent.Passionate about human transformation and how to accompany it.Where do we come from?One of us is an engineer, the other a business school graduate. We have braved large organizations and consulting firms.As seasoned managers, we have an immense curiosity for human behavior.What are we doing?With humility but unfailing commitment, we are developing a tool within everyone's reach that makes it possible to transform any coaching into a sustainable process.Why AWKN?AWKN ... AWaKeN ... Let's wake up!


Laurent Billon



Change is only real if it is sustainableWe don't like disposable items.We believe that change is a long process.We have not designed a tool to allow you to generate clicks, we have designed it to allow you to create and maintain links over time. Change cannot be decreedProgressing requires an effort. This is true for top athletes, and it is true for the executives of La Défense.Changing alone is very difficult, no matter how good the trainer, coach or consultant is.To transform, in addition to a passionate facilitator, it takes time, rehearsal, correction and encouragement.The commitment of the employee, the trainee or the client cannot be decreed, it must be accompanied.Let's stay pragmaticIt is true that we receive dozens of emails a day. But we also connect to dozens of apps to stay connected to the world around us. We have chosen to use email as a vehicle for interaction, as it is still the most widespread and widely used technology among executives today.No password, no connection to an application for employees, trainees or customers: the change is taking place in small steps, and is integrated into everyone's daily life. We believe in humansLearners, trainees, customers, employees ... these people are not "users", or "clicks", or even numbers in an excel table. They are men, women, a friend, a colleague. Humans, not computers. We design tools for humans. Not to automate relationships, nor to replace humans, but to multiply and provoke interactions between humans.That's why the tool won't do the job for you: it's there to save you time, a maximum of time, but without you it is nothing.Size mattersWe are a small company and we have the crazy ambition to remain so. We believe that this makes us more agile, faster, and more focused on a single objective: enabling change makers to be ever more effective. If you call us, you won't get a call center or a salesperson trying to sell you something you don't need. You'll find us: passionate, persistent and obsessive about the details (especially the ones you can't see!).