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The websites and are edited and published and operated by AWKN Limited, SAS with a share capital of 2000 euros, registered at Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés de Nanterre, under n° 845 018 886, whose head office is located at 18 rue traversière, 92100 Boulogne, FRANCE, and with intracommunity VAT number: FR82845018886.You can join us by email at .rf.nkwa%40olleh
PreambleWe think that the wide majority of terms & conditions and documents related to privacy, security and data processing are not understandable by common people. These documents are mostly written by lawyers for lawyers, to protect themselves from legal disputes.  This is not what we want to do with this document.We want to build and maintain long term relationships with our customers.Nous souhaitons construire et entretenir de longues relations avec nos clients. It is therefore important to use simple language to make this document as clear as possible, and to record in the same place the general terms and conditions of sale, the terms of use, the data privacy and security policies... In short, everything that concerns you, the user of our platform.
1/ Some definitionsTo clear up some ambiguities, here are some definitions that you will often find in the following paragraphsSERVICES: refers to all the services offered by AWKN Limited to users through the site means any person who logs in using identifiers and browses the site RECIPIENT: means any person who has received an email sent by a user via AWKN's services. A recipient can then access the content sent by the user, hosted on our servers.YOU : refers to... you, as a user.WE : refers to AWKN Limited and amazing people who work in.
2/ This is a contract, please read and understand it!Acceptance of these conditionsAny use of our services, or any subscription via the platform to our services by a user necessarily implies his acceptance without reservation of this document.If you do not agree with this document, please do not access our services (and tell us so we can delete your account faster).Evolution over time of these conditionsThis document is valid for all our users who access our services directly. For subscriptions made online, this document serves as a contract. It is a living document that we strive to update frequently.We maintain a list of the main changes at the end of the document.Of course, if we think that certain changes may have a significant impact on you, we will notify you directly.
3/ Conditions of use and limits of our servicesAfter Sales Service / Technical SupportWe want to be the best in the world in this field. You can call us directly on our real phones. And these are not robots that answer :-). However, we are currently a small team of mere mortals, with a family life too, and as a result, we cannot guarantee 24/7 support.Required systemsTo access our services, users and recipients must use a modern email client, and a modern web browser (Edge, Chrome 49+, Firefox 52+, Safari 9+) with cookies and javascript enabled.Our services can in principle work behind firewalls, but as we do not have control over their settings, we cannot guarantee that they will work completely. We cannot guarantee that all emails will be delivered to the recipients' inboxes, nor can we guarantee that all recipients will be able to access our server to interact with you.If, as a user, you think that your recipients may have problems receiving our emails, we advise you to test their good reception with some recipients. If the reception problems are confirmed, we advise you to contact the IT managers of the company concerned. We are here to support you in the discussions you will have at that time, but most of the time, IT managers unblock the situation in a few minutes by simply accepting the distribution of emails sent via the platform.Availability of our servicesDo we guarantee that our sites work all the time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Of course not. Computer servers that crash, it happens, unfortunately. Internet outages too. And maintenance has to be done. But in 99.9% of the cases, these cuts last less than a handful of seconds.We are obviously alerted when there are problems and we do our best to restore service as quickly as possible. In other words, we guarantee you unparalleled service availability.Use of our services● In order to keep it simple, we do not limit the number of emails you can send, nor the number of journeys you can create● However, our services are not designed for mass email campaigns. We have designed them to enable you to increase your capacity to support and monitor your clients individually. This is why we have limited the maximum number of recipients per journey to 200.● However, if you need to accompany more than 200 people at the same time, we have offers that allow it. In this case, the easiest way is to contact us to discuss it.● If we notice any misuse, especially if you engage in massive email campaigns for purely marketing or commercial purposes, we reserve the right to block or delete your account.
4/ Your responsibilityWhen using our services, you agree not to:● use our services to collect personal information (emails, etc),● use our services for commercial prospecting, spamming, mass mailings,● attempt to gain access or information about an account other than your own,● distribute content that you do not have the right to distribute, or that is illegal,● access our services using false information or via an unprofessional, anonymized or disposable email address.
5/ Subscription and account deletionWe offer a 30-day free trial of our solution. At the end of this trial period, a subscription is required to continue using our services.We like things to be simple, so :● you can subscribe by yourself with a simple credit card, directly within the application● the subscription is automatically renewed by tacit agreement at each expiration date● After choosing a plan, if you change your mind, you can cancel your subscription at any time and without justification, directly in the application. You will have access to the services until the end of the chosen formula.After the end of your trial period and subscription, we will keep your account read-only for a period of 9 months.At the end of this 9 month period, your account is permanently deleted from our servers. There is then no way to recover the data.We reserve the right to unilaterally terminate our services if we believe that you are abusing our services.
6/ Data processingOur dataThe logos, graphics, texts, images, publications, files, videos, software, codes created by AWKN Limited belong to AWKN Limited or are under GNU license. Obviously, you cannot freely copy or redistribute them without our prior authorization.Your dataToutes les données que vous créez dans l'outil, soit directement (via les formulaires prévus), soit indirectement (par exemple les données analytiques qui résultent de vos interactions avec vos destinataires) sont à vous et restent à vous.All the data you create in the tool, either directly (via the forms provided) or indirectly (e.g. the analytical data that results from your interactions with your recipients) is yours and remains yours. You have all the intellectual property, as well as the responsibility. This means in particular that:● we do not access it unless you explicitly request it. We perform automated scans and manipulations of your data for the purpose of maintaining and improving our services only.● we will not trade or exchange the data you create through our services.● we consolidate data across our databases for statistical purposes. You may at any time request that we no longer use certain consolidated information that you consider to be data over which you have full intellectual property rights.Personal dataWarning, sensitive subject 🙂To make it simple● You remain the owner and master of your personal data● Your data is handled transparently, confidentially and securely. And in France 🇫🇷, please! We are fully compliant with RGPD● You are responsible for the personal data of your recipients under the RGPD, but we take care of it tooTo go further● In the course of operating our services, AWKN Limited may collect and handle personal data.● These data are necessary for the provision of the services. The data is kept confidential by AWKN Limited for the purposes of the contract, its execution and in compliance with the law. In accordance with the provisions of Article 56 of the amended Data Protection Act and the provisions of Article 21 of the RGPD, the user may, for legitimate reasons, oppose the processing of data concerning him, without reason and without charge. In this case, his request will automatically cause the termination and permanent deletion of his account.Source of the dataAll data concerning you or your recipients is collected directly from you or your recipients (information communicated via the various forms present in our application) or indirectly (connection data, time spent on the pages hosted on our servers)Recipients of your dataWithin the limits of their respective responsibilities, the main persons who may have access to your data are the following:● Authorized personnel within AWKN Limited;● companies in charge of hosting data and files (OVH, AWS);● the payment processor (Stripe);● the company in charge of sending transactional emails (Sendinblue);● if necessary, the courts concerned, mediators, chartered accountants, auditors, lawyers, bailiffs, collection companies, police or gendarmerie authorities in case of theft or judicial requisition, rescue.Duration of data retentionWe keep your data only as long as it is needed for the purposes for which it was collected, as long as your account is active, and then for 9 months after your account is no longer active.Data is permanently deleted, without recovery, 9 months after the expiration of the User account.Rights under the RGPDThe user and the recipients whose personal data is processed have the right to access, rectify, update, portability and delete information concerning them, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 49, 50 and 51 of the amended Data Protection Act, and the provisions of Articles 15, 16 and 17 of the European General Regulation on the Protection of Persons (RGPD)
7/ Data securityAWKN Limited makes the security of your data a priorityAWKN Limited and its possible subcontractors undertake to implement all technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of our processing of personal data and the confidentiality of your data, in accordance with the French Data Protection Act and the European Data Protection Regulation (RGPD).AWKN Limited has taken every precaution in the design of its services to protect the security of data, including personal data, and to prevent it from being distorted or damaged or accessed by unauthorized parties.As such, AWKN Limited implements the following measures, among others:Data encryption via HTTPSAWKN Limited uses Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) to protect data being transferred between your computer and the AWKN Limited application and its servers.Data Center SecurityOur dedicated servers are installed in France 🇫🇷 at SoYouStart, a subsidiary of OVH in Roubaix and at AWS in Paris, in Data Centers that have all possible ISO standards.These data centers have guards patrolling 24/7, biometric scanners, are constantly at an ideal temperature (for silicon wafers) and lots of other equipment worthy of the best spy movies.Protection against data loss and corruption● All our databases are kept in separate containers to avoid data corruption.● We have multiple levels of logic and internal signatures to separate user accounts and related data.● Our data is backed up and encrypted every day and stored on dedicated servers for 1 month.● Inactive accounts are automatically deleted after 9 months.Application security● Passwords and individualized connection links are 'hashed'. This technique consists in transforming a short sequence of characters, intelligible by a human, into a very long sequence of incomprehensible characters. The data is then stored as is, and no human can understand what it corresponds to. It would take years to decipher them.● For passwords, we simply cannot see them. If you lose your password, it cannot be retrieved and you will have to reset it.● For the interactions that you propose to your recipients, they are individualized for each recipient, but also encrypted via the 'hash' and thus anonymized by this means. Only a person with the 'hashed' link can access its content.● Our services are developed using the Laravel framework, which is universally acclaimed for the robustness of its security features, particularly with regard to database access.● All pages of our application are encrypted with the TLS protocol● We regularly test applications and infrastructure to identify potential security vulnerabilities, strengthen their security and protect them against attacks.Internal procedures and permanent monitoringAs with most online services, a very limited number (2) of our employees have access to your data. We have strict rules and technical restrictions in place to prevent staff access except in rare circumstances.We use continuous automated services to monitor activity on our infrastructure and are alerted live to any abnormal activity, errors, slowdowns, suspicious bandwidth consumption.Security of credit card transfersWe use the service provider Stripe for bank transfers. Stripe's teams are of course extremely attentive to the security of the information in transit (see here). We do not store your banking data in our databases. Everything is managed by Stripe.

With all this, we hope you have confidence in us and our platform.
We wish you the best experience.