Our Use Cases

AWKN is the perfect tool for all the trainers / consultants / coachs who want to go beyond their usual practice and offer their clients all the opportunities to progress.But AWKN is very efficient for all your processes when you need to coach or lead one person and / or a large community.

On-boarding, project / roadmap follow-up, communication, acculturation, assessment, surveys, teams or communities leading ...

Some examples


#1 On-Boarding

In practice> Create an easy to digest sequence over time> Add all the content that is essential to understanding the organization> Get feedback at several points

Result> Be present without spending all your time> Pay the same attention to all your newcomers> Deploy the same process worldwide, regardless of the number of hires


#2 Acculturation

In practice> Spread and infuse corporate culture through targeted content> Diffuse in small doses, and allow time for assimilation> Measure the level of adherence
Result> Engage employees in a common story> Adopt a posture of sharing and collecting opinions on a large scale> Keep the company culture alive


#3 Communication

In practice> Structure your communication actions> Don't just do top-down, get feedback as you go> Alternate formats and create surprise

Result> Make your communication a movement> Be agile and creative> Broadcast, survey, measure ... and be proactive!


#4 Evaluation

In practice> Create and distribute end-of-year assessment questionnaires> Make your employees' lives easier with the web app> Analyze all detailed and consolidated data

Result> Help managers prepare for key moments> Empower them to lead their team with agility> Improve the quality of individual year-end interviews


#5 Satisfaction survey

In practice> Create a satisfaction survey in less than 10 minutes> Deploy on a large scale and schedule your reminders in advance> Analyze all data with the consolidated dashboard

Result> Simplify your life and survey your teams throughout the year> Encourage spontaneous feedback for more authenticity> Analyze results in real time


#6 Managerial routine

In practice> Plan recurring questions at regular intervals> Always use the same business feedback format for better readability> Take advantage of this opportunity to broadcast information in real time
Result> Limitez le temps passé sur la remontée d'information> Ritualize the feedback and simplify the life of those concerned> Capture the essential, and intervene when it is really useful